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  • Will Home Prices Continue to Increase?

    There are many unsubstantiated theories about what is happening with home prices. From those who are worried that prices are falling (data shows this is untrue), to those who are concerned that prices are again approaching boom peaks... Read More

  • Baby Boomers are Downsizing, Are You Ready to Move?

    For a while now baby boomers have been blamed for a portion of the housing market’s current lack of housing inventory, but should they really be getting the blame? Here’s what some of the experts have to say on the subject: Aaron... Read More

  • What's Going On With Home Prices

    According to CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Insights Report, national home prices in August were up 5.5% from August 2017. This marks the first time since June 2016 that home prices did not appreciate by at least 6.0% year-over-year.... Read More

  • Mortgage Interest Rates are Still Going Up. Should You Wait to Buy?

    Mortgage interest rates, as reported by Freddie Mac, have increased by close to a quarter of a percent over the last several weeks. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the Mortgage Bankers Association, and the National... Read More

  • Where Are Mortgage Interest Rates Headed In 2019

    The interest rate you pay on your home mortgage has a direct impact on your monthly payment; the higher the rate, the greater the payment will be. That is why it is important to know where rates are headed when deciding to start your home search.... Read More

  • Home Prices: The Difference 5 Years Makes

    CoreLogic recently released their Home Price Index Report. One of the key indicators used in the report to determine the health of the housing market was home price appreciation. CoreLogic focused on appreciation from July 2013 to... Read More

  • Homeownership is a Dominant Gene

    There are many things that factor into the decision to buy a home. New research from the Urban Institute suggests that one of those things may be inherited from your parents. Children are More Likely to Own a Home if Their Parents Did According... Read More

  • Why are Existing Home Sales Down

    The latest Existing Home Sales Report issued by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that home sales have decreased for four consecutive months and are at their slowest pace in over two years. This has some industry leaders puzzled... Read More

  • Housing Market - Another Gigantic Difference Between 2008 and 2018

    Some are attempting to compare the current housing market to the market leading up to the “boom and bust” that we experienced a decade ago. They look at price appreciation and conclude that we are on a similar trajectory, speeding toward... Read More

  • Have You Outgrown Your Starter Home

    For many Americans, buying their first home is their first taste of achieving part of the American Dream. There is a sense of pride that comes along with owning your own home and building your family’s wealth through your monthly mortgage... Read More

  • Will Your current House Fit Your Needs in Retirement

    As more and more baby boomers enter retirement age, the question of whether or not to sell their homes and move will become a hot topic. In today’s housing market climate, with low available inventory in the starter and trade-up home... Read More

  • You Need an Agent Who Will Always Put You First

    Whether you are a rookie homebuyer or have gone through the process many times, having a local real estate expert who is well versed in the neighborhood you are looking to move to, as well as the trends of that area, should be your goal while home... Read More

  • 4 Real Reasons Why We Buy A Home

    We often talk about why it makes financial sense to buy a home, but more often than not, the emotional reasons are the more powerful or compelling ones. No matter what shape or size your living space is, the concept and feeling of home can mean... Read More

  • Average Rents Hit All-Time High - Even in Small Towns

    Is renting still an option? Home prices might be up, but rents aren’t any better. In fact, according to new data, average rents clocked in at $1,405 last month—the country’s highest rents of all time. Rents reach peak... Read More

  • What is a home appraisal, and why do I need one?

    Home appraisal What is a home appraisal? And why is it so important? A home appraisal ensures that you don’t overpay for a property Most mortgage programs require home appraisals Appraisals may identify other problems with the property, such... Read More